Why I've Never Had a Boyfriend (the truth)

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Amber Scholl

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the truth about why I have been single...my entire life. lol
HI ANGELS - welcome to another #GirlsGuideToLife - today I am spilling the tea on why I have never had a boyfriend. From my first kiss to my first time, I'm telling the story of my love life in my own words...
featuring some laughs and some tears too.
Enjoy the honesty...it's nice to talk about :) I love you.
3,390,000 kisses!
Amber :)
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Star Voyager
Star Voyager Пре 9 сати
You know 💫 it always hurts when someone doesn't feel the same way about you that you feel about yourself!🤟😆🤟 LoL!
Hmorto Smith
Hmorto Smith Пре 10 сати
Vision board ! Maybe make some men’s outfits to go in your wardrobe an bling his and her shoes His an her outfits Law of attraction 🤷🏼‍♀️ just an idea 💡
Simoene Moodley
Simoene Moodley Пре дан
You are truly amazing keep doing you honey ☺️♥️♥️♥️🤗love it someone gets it thank you I feel soo good and inspired to be whatever I feel like being ♥️♥️♥️
Venomlyy Пре дан
What about Colby Amber? You guys would be cute
Anna Murray
Anna Murray Пре 2 дана
This made me so happy. I didn't have my first kiss til I was 20 either. I always felt like I was the only one 😂. I've also said this to my partner and he think I mean I've never loved anyone as much, but I really never was in love with anyone before him.
Emme Chatterton
Emme Chatterton Пре 2 дана
The way Amber is an actual real life Disney princess, tho.... 😍😍😍
Alika Maisuradze
Alika Maisuradze Пре 2 дана
Anna Howell
Anna Howell Пре 3 дана
I thought the beginning was an ad for a second lol
KAM 01
KAM 01 Пре 4 дана
I’m 28 years old never had a boyfriend and I save a lot of money for me
Idek !
Idek ! Пре 4 дана
Amber you opening up to us really means so much! We love you lots and you truly inspire me to strive for greatness! You’re so Inspiring and wise.
DaniADino Пре 4 дана
I was cryyyiiiinnnngggg! Keep it up I can relate
Cherry Rose Star
Cherry Rose Star Пре 5 дана
I'm single
Cherry Rose Star
Cherry Rose Star Пре 5 дана
We do need men actually, to make kids with, we cannot create children without them... so I guess without guys the world would die out
Cherry Rose Star
Cherry Rose Star Пре 5 дана
Another wrong title... u have had boyfriends before, u just said u dated all of those different types of guys... so u can't really say never... lol more clickbait I guess haha I was fooled once again
Stay bless 🙏🙏🙏🙏
emma Пре 10 дана
i started to cry when she cried :(( i wuv you amber were all here if you need to talk :))
Me Smith
Me Smith Пре 10 дана
Maybe no man wants you.
Me Smith
Me Smith Пре 10 дана
Is it because of your annoying "Kim K" personality?
Lakirra Cooper
Lakirra Cooper Пре 11 дана
I have never found someone who has the same relationship with romantic love as me (minus the dating part) and its such a breath of fresh air to hear that I'm not just a cold hearted freak and that I'm not the only one. Its both a sad realization and a releaving one. Thank you for sharing
Felicia Likestoreadthings booktube
Felicia Likestoreadthings booktube Пре 11 дана
Honestly you seem so happy and carefree with like no weight or baggage maybe a little awkward but like cute awkward . I mean i feel like you are very blessed. You don’t need a damn man to be happy you just don’t be by yourself enjoy the time you have with you . Im starting to realize I don’t need a man to make me happy but I want him around for now lol you can give yourself pleasure a happiness don’t worry girl just enjoy the wave
Megan Torres
Megan Torres Пре 11 дана
i enjoy my singleness
Ava Pxoc
Ava Pxoc Пре 12 дана
I am a 30 year old virgin
itiswhatitis Пре 12 дана
I'm 30 and have never even dated anyone. It took me years to be comfortable enough to admit that I've never been in a relationship. I feel like men aren't attracted to me like that, and that's ok.
Эгрегор истины Eleonora Baltazar
Эгрегор истины Eleonora Baltazar Пре 13 дана
Because all good boys on the other planets ( may be...I thinking so now..))😺😻 On the Mars...may be)...🌹🌿
Jeff Bateman
Jeff Bateman Пре 15 дана
I've learned that if you want a "person like that" in love, then you need to be a "person like that." Being the kind of person that you want in a partner doesn't guarantee that you'll find real love, but it at least makes real love a possibility.
Sylvia Mumbua
Sylvia Mumbua Пре 16 дана
Imagine Amber having a boyfriend She would show him all her lingerie and burn down the house when she tries to make sth delicious for him😂😂 your such a dime Amber i love you so much♥
Nastaran Elahiparast
Nastaran Elahiparast Пре 17 дана
Feel the same 👌🏻
BettyBlu Пре 17 дана
The person who falls in love with you is going to be VERY LUCKY. It will happen, and that's the truth. xx
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell Пре 18 дана
I am no expert on relationships but have seen these married couples follow a traditional pattern. giving space from each other a lot. schedules too involved in work at long hour jobs. the separate hobbies and circle of group friends. cell phone texting. arguments. fights. court trials. book clubs. talk show followers. broken hearted depression from the bachelor reality dating shows on television. demands. tough caring. careers. worry. loneliness. desperation. overly sensitive. stress. begging for the person to never leave. fear. anger. shallowness. so why should marrage be the only way to be with another person? it isn't because we all know what the dating world is truely like. my sister had a female friend that slept around. she did any guy with three legs until one day that friend had found a guy and married him. but let's be honest alright marrage is not for everyone. and not every person in the world today wants to be a family guy. Peter Griffin : " she never let's me have nice things that I want." Lois Griffin : " it's like living with a child he comes home drunk from the clam I'm always cleaning up after him." Peter Griffin : " you and father always think I'm not good enough." Lois : " I got tired of being a stay at home wife so now I go out!!" Peter : " good fine I don't have to listen to nagging all night!!" Lois : " my friends are right about you." Peter : oh yeah I'm the bad guy even though I am a good provider for this family. and work extra hard so our children can have all the things I never got to when I was a boy." Lois : " you do whatever reckless thing that you want. and whenever and expect me to just sit at home waiting. not anymore if I wanna have a life outside this house that's what I'm doing!!!!!" Peter : " fine me and the guys will go play golf or something!" Stewy : " hey Brian you going to a bar again I wanna go too. and hey first round is on me cause you got to have friends." Brian : " sure I'll drive."
Maribel Roman
Maribel Roman Пре 19 дана
The fact your type change to post Malone is meeeeeee 😂😂😂😂💀 should I do it
My More Noble Pursuits
My More Noble Pursuits Пре 20 дана
I don't think I'm capable of love tbh 👀, I can't relate to her grandpa's story. I've never felt "the spark" when kissing someone. I am capable of acknowledging that people are attractive and do have attractive features, but I don't experience attraction towards them. I don't know what it's like to look at someone and hear the violins play, see the flowers bloom, and feel time slow down. I've never been captivated by someone's beauty or how handsome someone is. I feel like I'm lacking as a person, but I can't do anything about it. I've just accepted that that's the way I am and there's no more to it. 🤷‍♂️
Unversd The Ghostwriter
Unversd The Ghostwriter Пре 20 дана
We should go to Disney world just to hangout
Unversd The Ghostwriter
Unversd The Ghostwriter Пре 20 дана
I’ll take you out to dinner, then we can stay in the room at the top of the castle. Is that doing to much?
Marie gutierrez
Marie gutierrez Пре 21 дан
Why is this Video 🔥 she has so many quotable moments! Subscribed! Raw honesty and just the reality of relatability!
xoxo faith
xoxo faith Пре 21 дан
Omg you should be the next bachelorette
lunar rose
lunar rose Пре 21 дан
i dont know why a man wouldnt lie you your awsome and as so unique there just boaring :p
Francisco Silva
Francisco Silva Пре 21 дан
Life is a journey, not a destination, so I don't think this is your stop yet. Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing.
Ajna Zsitnyanyi
Ajna Zsitnyanyi Пре 21 дан
Thank you for being the role model i need in life❤❤❤
Sonia Licona
Sonia Licona Пре 21 дан
I didn’t have my first kiss/boyfriend until I was 24 about to turn 25 and now we’re married expecting a baby and I couldn’t have been happier to wait for the love of my life ❤️
Cecilia Monet
Cecilia Monet Пре 22 дана
As Told By CHI
As Told By CHI Пре 22 дана
This was so genuinely wonderful!
Silvia C.
Silvia C. Пре 24 дана
Prince Eric and Post Malone love dogs both!
Bonnie Nash
Bonnie Nash Пре 24 дана
Stick that on your Manifestation board . Soulmate, husband ,love ,children. It will happen, it will come believe it into existence. And when it finally comes LET IT IN! Open yourself up to it. Know that you deserve it. Allow someone to love you and allow yourself to love them back. ❤️
Courtney Brown
Courtney Brown Пре 24 дана
shena reid
shena reid Пре 25 дана
This is my Amber I love her hart on her sleeves beautiful 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤭
Darius-Music Пре 26 дана
Dark Sea Nymph
Dark Sea Nymph Пре 26 дана
When you cried, I cried with you because your grandparents' lovestory was so beautiful and we all want that. 🥰🥰🥰
Yoongoongi Пре 26 дана
I didn't get a boyfriend until I was 26. (I'll be 27 next week lol) But it was because I didn't want to settle for anything I didn't want. And you know what? I got the literal EXACT man I wanted. He's the guy I wanted to be my first boyfriend wayyyyy back when we were 18 years old at our first jobs together. Our lives went in two separate directions for a good 7 years, but I never forgot about him (and yes I would even daydream about him from time to time when I was particularly lonely) and then last year we came back into each other's lives and haven't wanted to be apart ever since. So I was right. He was my first boyfriend just like I thought he would be - only I was about 8 years off in the timing. haha We're going to be moving in together next month if everything goes as planned and sometimes I have to take a moment (or 30) and stop and appreciate how I literally got the man of my dreams. And he's wayyyy better than I even fantasized he would be. Cuz he's actually a dork ass in disguise hehe and way more loving than I can even muster up in my mind.
Diamond Carnations
Diamond Carnations Пре 27 дана
💎We have beautiful Diamond Engagement Rings💎
Elizabeth Flores
Elizabeth Flores Пре 27 дана
Lol can you imagine turning Amber down?!
j renee
j renee Пре 28 дана
Thank you soooooo much for this video, I needed this for me for sure. This truly helped a lot❤️❤️
Eve Пре 28 дана
i mean am alone too let's be friends i guess
John Ulutunu
John Ulutunu Пре 28 дана
Your energy is infectious!
Kyle Puma
Kyle Puma Пре 28 дана
Wait for it...patience is priceless. Character comes from the inside, outwardly appearance speaks internal voice. Never settle, it can be devastating to both parties.
chris miller
chris miller Пре 28 дана
I never had a gf who knew
San Diego Barbie
San Diego Barbie Пре 28 дана
I wish that you get the best man ever just for you ❤️
Craig McVay
Craig McVay Пре 29 дана
Would you move for love
Fox Wonderland
Fox Wonderland Пре 29 дана
Ok can someone please answer me this. It’s extremely frustrating and I don’t get it. I’m older so I really don’t get it. I’m 35 so much older and I clearly need some younger beautiful ladies to explain to me why is it that the most gorgeous girls and I mean beauties like Amber here who clearly put time and effort into themselves and making themselves look drop dead gorgeous, why do so many of you seem to have the same type when it comes to men?? First it was LilWayne and now It’s apparently Post Malone?? This is the first time I’ve really seen Post Malone named like this. Here’s a thought, what ever happened to your forever crush Harry Styles?? Anyway, Harry aside, please explain to me why these types of men attract you? Why not a nice well kept clean cut business man or lawyer/doctor looking type of man?? You know washed, very put together, spends money on himself keeping himself looking his best. Like I said I’m 35 so I really need some help and please explain to me the draw of a man who looks like Post Malone or someone like that who’s in sweatpants and dresses like the complete opposite of a business suit. I really want to understand it. Please explain to me because I am very clearly WAY to OLD to get it. To me I see gorgeous well put together younger ladies who arnt seeming to date business men who are clean cut in suits and instead are choosing men that look like they just rolled out of bed and have their pjs on under their sweat suits and running shoes. Now I’m not talking personally and all that awesome stuff, I’m really just looking for what physically attracts you lady’s who look like that to men who look like that. Let’s get superficial for a moment if you wouldn’t mind. To help me out. Thank you 🌼🌼🙏❤️🙏🌼🌼
osso bello
osso bello Пре 29 дана
god I just love her like it just hits different when you've been here since her DIY videos
Mare Пре месец
THIS IS AMAZING! Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability
Siya Kolisi Stan Account
Siya Kolisi Stan Account Пре месец
I'm 21 and I've never had a boyfriend before and I have not being on a date. My mom even asked me if I'm lesbian 💀💀💀. But I've made peace with it. I don't think I'll die alone. If Ted Bundy and Hitler can have girlfriends them there's hope for everyone. When he comes then he comes and I hope it's a special person. I'll just enjoy my life and being single for now.
Cecilia Hackenberger
Cecilia Hackenberger Пре месец
Omg when she cries I always have to cry with her😭❤️
Mila Andersson
Mila Andersson Пре месец
Maybe you are somewhere on the aromantic spectrum? Hard to find out, but that was the case for me:) Still like the imagination of a relationship, but thats just something im not capable of
J Wheat
J Wheat Пре месец
Everyone wants to love and be loved wether they realize it or not. When you do fall in love I hope someone is there to sweep you off your feet as you fall!!
Im Black charizard
Im Black charizard Пре месец
Do u know BTS
Cynthia Guerra
Cynthia Guerra Пре месец
Your grandparents set a high standard, I pray you find a man that loves you the way your grandfather loved your grandmother ❤️❤️❤️
Debbie Henderson
Debbie Henderson Пре месец
Yes girl. You got it! Some people live whole life & never get the message! You have it & when you stop looking he’s there He is out there, - he’ll find you Love this video great job
yota yota
yota yota Пре месец
Omg i love this video!! I totally aggre!! You made me feel better and more sure about myself 🌼🌼🌸🌸🌸🌼🌸🌼🌸🌼🌸
BladeMasterz916 Пре месец
Its better to stay single. So when the right person comes around you will be available to open the door and let him in. If you were tied up, you might have been too busy to open that door.
Ace Manifester
Ace Manifester Пре месец
The thing is women shouldn’t be looking for boyfriends because “A boyfriend” is not permanent which means you’re going to get your “heart broken” we should be interviewing for potential husbands - Sex is overrated with the wrong people - your not missing anything except soul ties - find a man that is equally yolked and doesn’t have toxic make views (like 30 years old is too old for a women to be alive) - and just remember if you’re confused with him and he’s not clearing your confusion it’s not the right guy
Erica Mannebach
Erica Mannebach Пре месец
You can be a bad bitch and independent and still want a relationship. 🥰🥰🥰
Ghita Dahbi Skali
Ghita Dahbi Skali Пре месец
I relate sooo so much to what you said and it just help so much to know that we are not alone I really really hope from tu bottom of my heart that you will find someone just perfect for you and that will cherish and care truly about the incredible and amazing person that you are .
Ann E
Ann E Пре месец
Are you a transgender?😱
Vanessa Vazquez
Vanessa Vazquez Пре месец
I never had a boyfriend
ErPaige515 Пре месец
I 😻 her
Son Of God
Son Of God Пре месец
Don't worry you ant missing nothing.
gabby _moreno54
gabby _moreno54 Пре месец
I relate to this so much 🥺
Ezinne Eke
Ezinne Eke Пре месец
I love you 😭😭😭
XxSorrel PawxX
XxSorrel PawxX Пре месец
singing bird
singing bird Пре месец
I just broke up with my bf n I was looking for a answer and you gave it to me. Thank u amber. I love u for all that u do for us individuals.
mandy melonie
mandy melonie Пре месец
colby was definitly the friends with benefits one
Jesus saves
Jesus saves Пре месец
Jesus loves you. Please repent and be saved
V B Пре месец
I’m 20 and never had a boyfriend too, reason would probably be that I’m looking for a very special soul connection and I believe in that☺️ or I’m just hella unattractive and am not aware of it yet 🤣🤣
LaTyla Lila
LaTyla Lila Пре месец
Omg same🥺❤️
Huey Mann
Huey Mann Пре месец
Love the self respect you have x
Aveyona Stewart
Aveyona Stewart Пре месец
I hope everyone finds love. I've read so many stories about love and I wish i can have it so much. but as an aromantic pansexual finding that person is really hard. 24/7 it makes me sad that I can't feel any romantic attraction. I like all genders lgbtq+ for ever. But it's scary to be in a relationship and not be able to share the same feelings that the person feels for you. Amber if you fall in love with anyone man women trans I'm so happy for you. thank you for teaching me how to love me and be myself and be confident.
Internet Surfer
Internet Surfer Пре месец
I thought that pretty girls never get rejected 😔
Tiffany C
Tiffany C Пре месец
I’m 33 and VERY newly single and have no idea who I am or what to do or where to start and feel like I’m just worthless....I hope it gets better
Nízia Пре месец
Omg Kim you have kids and you’re divorced what do you mean you’re single? :o
Alex W
Alex W Пре месец
I enjoy her attitude so much
Luis Guerrero
Luis Guerrero Пре месец
She's slowly becoming into Trisha Paytas
Unknown Name
Unknown Name Пре месец
Sherri Пре месец
I had no idea how much I needed this series until RStoolss told me so. I have to work in the morning but can't stop watching. Doing a whole lot of crying....and dreaming. Thank you.
carina r
carina r Пре месец
i feel similar, ive had boyfriends but not really long relationships, only 3 real boyfriends, and at most 6 months and got to say never been in love
Maria Cabebe
Maria Cabebe Пре месец
Your right you don’t need a man you could have a woman like me 😍
Brittany D.
Brittany D. Пре месец
Being single is bomb minus the lonely part. For Christ sake we are HUMANS and need people. But in the meantime seriously not having screaming crying kids is GREAT. I’m cool with being the fun aunty. Period. 😂👏🏽
Stella K.
Stella K. Пре месец
Serious Amber is a diamond!
Ght Ght
Ght Ght Пре месец
I hope you find your person, i haven't either.
Jae Hee Kwon
Jae Hee Kwon Пре месец
You’re a beautiful soul.
Atalia Seavey
Atalia Seavey Пре месец
you remind me of 'Stella from "five feet apart" in the BEST way possible, your youtube channel how you always give out great advice, how you're so God damn motivating, how you teach everyone so much about everything that you can teach about and how you're so unbelievably honest. as a viewer of this channel, as a fan, as someone who truly appreciates you I love that about you I really really am proud of you (and you're so clearly proud too, AS YOU SHOULD QUEEN!) I just want you to know that you have motivated me to try my best, work hard, believe in my dreams, and never ever give up. thank you, you are such a beautiful human being.
Sophia G. Beaumont
Sophia G. Beaumont Пре месец
Omg amber I’m crying with you. That is so sweet about your grandparents 💔
Sophia G. Beaumont
Sophia G. Beaumont Пре месец
Omgggg same! Prince Eric will always have my heart and now Post Malone will too
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