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Amber Scholl

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the #GirlsGuideToLife presents: what every girl needs to know.
Hi Angels! Happy Valentine's Day :)
Today I am talking about the love of my life: WOMEN!!! I love being a girl, so today I am doing a story time class on what being a woman means to me. How to tap into your feminine energy, what it's like to be a girl in todays world, and how to be a queen all the time. I'm no expert - but here's my girl power life advice...
...with a lot of love. I hope after this, you see yourself as a goddess too :)
To the moon and back always -
3,420,000 kisses!
Amber :)
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Dashing khanom
Dashing khanom Пре сат
Thanku for inspiring us all and appreciating us lvu ❤️🤩😍
Y/N Пре 4 дана
Me, a non binary person watching this: hmmmm interesting.....
Sweet MangoForever
Sweet MangoForever Пре 8 дана
Wow!!! Thank you for making me know am a goddess
V wie Valentina
V wie Valentina Пре 10 дана
I love being a woman even though it can be tough sometimes
From Arianie With Love
From Arianie With Love Пре 12 дана
Why you making me cry for 😭😭😭😭
XioJade20 Пре 13 дана
I know im super late but thank you for this video. It gave me a pick me up that I needed. I had my twins 4 months ago and going through some PPD it hit me a bit hard this morning. I was looking at my body like 😪 and you talking about the stretch marks really helped me. Thank you for helping me this morning.
anything4talishas Пре 15 дана
"God needed a woman to help save the world." Period. Idk why that made me burst into tears but Amen, Guadalupe madre mia. Y maferefun yemaya y ochun.
solbyismyjian Пре 15 дана
We’re literally having “the talk” with our older sister 😛
Mara Vieira
Mara Vieira Пре 16 дана
Love your videos, you are such an inspiration!
Shavonne Hurst
Shavonne Hurst Пре 20 дана
When she mentioned that even God needed a woman to save the world and the picture of Mary was shown , I was really touched. Thank you for helping me embrace femininity and being proud to be a woman.
אלינור בן עזרא
אלינור בן עזרא Пре 21 дан
You are so amazingg
Shalini Chakrabarty
Shalini Chakrabarty Пре 24 дана
I am the big sister and I always wished I had a big sister. I feel like you are that for me 💕 thank you, you’re so inspiring
Adriana Aida
Adriana Aida Пре 26 дана
Amber look a lot more pretty each day. Am i late to see her change so fast :')
Annette L
Annette L Пре 26 дана
Hi Amber, I just submit my purchase on your necklace. can't wait for it to arrive!
Sheena Marie Tubiano
Sheena Marie Tubiano Пре 28 дана
amber should be in ted talk
Timsal Пре 28 дана
This is exactly the energy I need in live. Love, positivity, confidence, integrity, so much appreciation for femininity ❤️❤️🌹🌹
Noora Sallinen
Noora Sallinen Пре 29 дана
sophia Пре месец
Wow. Amber, I love you. You've helped me so much. Always take care queen ❣️
Anna Monroe
Anna Monroe Пре месец
Omg I need to buy more pearls ~ I will never have enough
Anna Monroe
Anna Monroe Пре месец
Omg RStoolss is not letting me comment
Anna Monroe
Anna Monroe Пре месец
Omg YAY it worked
Joanne Пре месец
I"m showing this to my daughter one day.
Jeannie Eakin
Jeannie Eakin Пре месец
Oh Amber you are so wise! Thank you for being a responsible influencer!
imi Пре месец
I love the women I am becoming too ❤️
Danéa Davis
Danéa Davis Пре месец
Welp. I guess I have to binge watch all of your content now.
Detective Bliss - Follow The Clues
Detective Bliss - Follow The Clues Пре месец
What a fucking amazing pep talk. Thank you gurl😻 I love your vibe!
Hannah Turner
Hannah Turner Пре месец
Omg I love you, and this made me love you more.💅🏼😘
Andrea Martinez
Andrea Martinez Пре месец
Sometimes I get emotional because mostly girls/women get harassed and it's kinda not fair, but THIS HELPED AMBER TY! Ilysm♡
Ana-Maria Ittu
Ana-Maria Ittu Пре месец
Please, write a book
Aishwarya Elizabeth
Aishwarya Elizabeth Пре месец
Omg Amber, I love you I wanna see you, talk to you and THANK YOU.
Aishwarya Elizabeth
Aishwarya Elizabeth Пре месец
Omg this video is perfect for Women's Day!
Liana Novick
Liana Novick Пре месец
Amber is like my mom, sister, and best friend at the same time. When Amber posts deep videos like these I make sure to grab the box of chocolates because I know I'm going to cry whatever beautiful message is spoken from Amber.
Jamine Regnier
Jamine Regnier Пре месец
I recently discovered Amber Scholl. I watched a couple of her videos. I love that she sounds like a Disney Princess. I love that she is 100 percent authentic. I love how positive she is. I think I love her (in a platonic, sisterly way!)
Veni P
Veni P Пре месец
Amber, thank you SO MUCH for starting this series of videos!!! Every time I feel down, I come to your videos and they always lift me up! What you are doing is truly appreciated and very much needed!! Your energy is golden ❤️❤️❤️
Marvin A
Marvin A Пре месец
This evil spirt in this beautiful women is trying to lead many of you into the ruins I pray for you.I don't know which god you speak of but I don't believe its Jesus. Praise the Lord not yourself. Best if luck to many of you.
Verity Dixon
Verity Dixon Пре месец
To be honest, women in general are just more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. As a young woman myself, femininity has always been so attractive to me. I’ve always loved both femininity and masculinity, both energies are just so sexy, but the way women are built, the way they move, it’s alluring. I’ve always wanted to be more feminine, and hate the people who say gender isn’t real, it’s just a social concept, and femininity and masculinity aren’t real. Those people infuriate me. Femininity and masculinity are REAL you can legitimately tell and feel both energies in everyone! Even in animals, you can tell that females are more feminine in the way they move. The energies we have and which one is more dominant does have an effect on how you walk and carry yourself. We all have both femininity and masculinity, both are beautiful, but having too much of anything can throw you off balance. Masculinity is super important just as much as Femininity. Love men, love women. Just love. And fight back against the idiots trying to erase the female gender and femininity by saying it’s offensive to say “breast feeding” now, and that gendered terms are also offensive. It’s so annoying how being a woman with boobs is somehow offensive to non-biological women and non-binary people who have breasts. We exist, femininity exists, quit trying to get rid of it for snowflakes who can easily just live their life without trying to erase something only a few people are “offended” over. Just because you yourself don’t like a word majority of women are referred to and you don’t identify as a woman, even though biologically you were born that way, doesn’t mean you can get rid of the word because it offends you when there are millions of people who do identify with it. If you don’t identify with it, why are you so keen on erasing it? You aren’t a woman if you say you aren’t a woman, so don’t try to change “Breast feeding” into “chest feeding” because of your petty feelings no one else relates with. People who are confused; Yes, non-binary people with boobs are offended by the word “breast feeding” and some hospitals actually changed their vocabulary to suit their needs, so now even biological women have to call it “chest feeding” if they’re in the hospital. What happened to freedom of speech? You yourself can call it “chest feeding,” but it isn’t fair to make others call it “chest feeding.” I have breasts, I produce milk from my breasts, I nourish life with my breasts, do you know how fucking cool that is? Women just got the freedom to love their boobs openly and now some idiots think it’s offensive to have them? No, I don’t think so. I have breasts, I’ll breast feed. Breasts are real and they’re great, not offensive, get a pair if you want them so bad, the procedure is easy. Sorry I just kind of ranted, I really hate that gender and femininity and masculinity erasers try to push the idea that biological sex and male/female energies don’t exist. Vagina’s and Penis’s are hardcore evidence that they’re real and that they’re different for a reason. Do you booboo, but don’t try to erase something that other people identify with. Identify as you please, that’s the way it should be without others getting offended. We all exist and we are ALL VALID. Yes, even biological women and men who identify with what they have and live themselves that way, because that’s just common sense. Love who you are, live as you please, don’t try to make others change their own identity for you. Forcing women to call their breasts just a damn chest feeding unit is fucking terrible and I hate whoever made such a complaint to the point hospitals changed their vocabulary. I love my tits so much that I don’t even wear bra’s. I flaunt these itty bitties whenever I can, because they’re fucking adorable. Boobs are just gorgeous, BREASTS are gorgeous. Also, I’m not Christian, I’m actually a generational “witch” that mainly prays to the earth. The moon being my main “goddess” to whom I pray to. Also, I’m not straight and I’m 19, so HMU I’m single. 😂 People who come after me obviously think that biological women should be forced to refer to something on their bodies as something they don’t identify with, and it’s sick. It’s just as awful as making a trans person refer to themselves as their biological gender. Do not force others to refer to certain things for the benefit of a small group of people who can politely ask individually how they want to be addressed. It’s that easy.
Charné Janse van Rensburg
Charné Janse van Rensburg Пре месец
All the girls watching this,: oh my gosh amber looks so good in a red lip!!!!!!
That equestrain Girl
That equestrain Girl Пре месец
that was actually so sweet
Learn Spanish Today
Learn Spanish Today Пре месец
Thank you for making me feel blessed and powerful.
Zahra Ahmed
Zahra Ahmed Пре месец
I like the video before I even watch it 😂💖
Dabi Todoroki
Dabi Todoroki Пре месец
Yesssssss ladies🖤🖤🖤🖤
Someone Пре месец
I absolutely love the positivity of this video and the positivity of the comments. The union of her subscribers that she has created. It’s amazing. It brought me such peace that I needed. I’ll take this as a birthday gift since mine was two days before this video. Love love Amber.
Lia :3
Lia :3 Пре месец
this woman makes me feel so confident. Ah I love this woman ♥️
Little Puppy
Little Puppy Пре месец
Huh.....my dysphoria is gone 😂 I love u lol I've never rilly started feeling confterble in my skin till u put it in a way I understand * I have learning disabilities *
Lynette Curran
Lynette Curran Пре месец
Wow I luv how u c the world everything u say is true + sometimes it just takes some1 like u 2 remind us that we r in control of our lives + it up2 us 2 make ourselves beautiful thank u amber luv u xxxx ps what was the banging in the background was george playing with his toys.xxxx
Jade Mayfield
Jade Mayfield Пре месец
I’m 18 just starting off my life and having you as a role model is really helping me go through my life❤️
Rim Hesnawi
Rim Hesnawi Пре месец
Thank you so much for making us realize how beautiful being a woman is.🌹
I loooooove amber ive been watching you since 900k you have made me soooo happy 😃
Kenzie Taylor
Kenzie Taylor Пре месец
This video is everything ♥️
Uniisaa Gurung
Uniisaa Gurung Пре месец
I think you should recreate a picture like that ! You would absolutely look just like them ! A FREAKIN ANGEL 😻❤️✨
Yahiri J
Yahiri J Пре месец
Your just amazing. I love your personality and your goal to make females feel the best 😀❤️
Damla _
Damla _ Пре месец
the second this video started you looked like Emerauld (Izzy from Shadowhunters)
Parker D
Parker D Пре месец
“We are ALL art”❤️
Parker D
Parker D Пре месец
Just wanna say you look fantastic:))
Jeniffer Chan
Jeniffer Chan Пре месец
Ladies watch sheraseven1 videos on RStoolss she has great advice
hannah cooper
hannah cooper Пре месец
I freaking love u 😘 thank u so much for inspiring me to love myself. And to look at myself with satisfaction💛 You are a bright ray of sunshine. I’m not a very emotional person but when I see u crying about your life makes me cry too💕
DollFace Пре месец
Amber you’re amazing. I love your videos! You’re definitely an inspiration! ⭐️💕
Syd Kershaw
Syd Kershaw Пре месец
Amber, I just want to thank you so much. You have had such a huge influence on me and my mindset about myself physically and intellectually. You're helping me grow and love myself and I'm so happy I discovered you. Love you so much ❤
Hiba Stallion
Hiba Stallion Пре месец
Rozze R
Rozze R Пре месец
I love to be a woman despite of all problems she goes through.. celebrate feminism. Looking phenomenally ravishing 💖
Kristen Пре месец
We need a hair tutorial based on this LOOK! Love it
Lil Mara
Lil Mara Пре месец
"Tits out surrounded by big cats is how i wanna live my life" Amber Scholl :)))) I frickin cried , you're a goddess 😇
Fakiha Пре месец
❤️❤️❤️❤️ beautiful, amazing.
whitediamondcube Пре месец
Thank you! I really needed this ❤️✨
Mary Lavallee
Mary Lavallee Пре месец
I think we NEED our queen Amber to make a podcast !!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Isabella Пре месец
me on my period in two day old clothes having ice cream for dinner by myself: :( sees this video: :) she really does love us
Zainab Omeiza
Zainab Omeiza Пре месец
Amber your spirit is so pure. You are such a role model. Love you so much and thanks for your kind words.
Ari Goddess
Ari Goddess Пре месец
me high as fucK in love with her even more
hiamstupid Пре месец
not that i hate being a girl but i hate being me....lol
Flamgo Fan
Flamgo Fan Пре месец
Most of my bullies are girls-
michelle wellings
michelle wellings Пре месец
So needed this today 🙌 ❤
siana dunning
siana dunning Пре месец
im going to make my children watch this one day
Ashley Zik
Ashley Zik Пре месец
Amber !!! Ship me some of your clothes plz😭😭
Hina Kalyani
Hina Kalyani Пре месец
“Women are the source of life, Act like it” ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
mariah diette
mariah diette Пре месец
Me as a teenager i think every teenage girl needs to heard this. These years are when we grow into a woman, it might not be the best but it will get better.
Alessandra da Silva
Alessandra da Silva Пре месец
I really love your essence 💕
Julia Anne
Julia Anne Пре месец
I love u so muuuuuch
Chloë Amber ASMR
Chloë Amber ASMR Пре месец
I love you amber ❤️❤️
Vibe Higher
Vibe Higher Пре месец
I'm not crying, you are! This video made my whole year! Can we have more people like you please?
rushaye henry
rushaye henry Пре месец
Amber you are so beautiful
mordor_queen Пре месец
Fudge yessss through feminism and self love I have found love and appreciation for myself as a woman and love for all women ❤❤❤❤
Bella Пре месец
Subscribed! This brought tears to my eyes ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Angelina Rizk
Angelina Rizk Пре месец
Amber you should write a book love you so much 💖🌷❤
Tania Aponte
Tania Aponte Пре месец
Who is this magical woman??? OMG! What an amazing video! Thanks for sharing, Thania!!!
Cynthia Salcido
Cynthia Salcido Пре месец
You are glowing thank you for this video!
S 74
S 74 Пре месец
Thank you for making this video. We as all women of all ages can benefit from learning to love ourself & one another!! Amber keep being amazing💜
Arin Laschober
Arin Laschober Пре месец
This was another great video. I’m not a super feminist woman...in my own definition, thats different from others , but feel I’m a strong, smart and powerful woman. So, maybe to some, that makes me a feminist. Who knows. To each their own. Still love being a woman and am so glad I was born a woman. Xo
Aurora Пре месец
Women are my fave things in this whole universe ! Strong magical beings!
mint_icecream gacha
mint_icecream gacha Пре месец
this made my day thank you so much I love you❤️❤️
Maria Abu-Leil
Maria Abu-Leil Пре месец
not me tearing up everytime amber talks cuzdamn that hit hard
Amal Kehail
Amal Kehail Пре месец
I didn’t want this video to end 🥺 Amber looks SO GORGEOUS ♥️♥️♥️♥️✨✨
Alyssa Burns
Alyssa Burns Пре месец
Not my dad walking by me watching this video in the kitchen at the part where she’s shaking her boobs in the camera and I’m wearing headphones so there’s no context behind it. He was both confused and somewhat intrigued 😂
Janijss Пре месец
Been here since the beginning and this series is the best thing you’ve ever done amber ♥️. I can’t ever thank you enough. But thank you so, so much.
Jayne Пре месец
"Your body is not a sin, it's art." Iunno why but that just hit me hard.
Jayne Пре месец
Aight we good fam.
Jayne Пре месец
Dangit let me swallow my COFFEE!!! LOL
Brianna Heberle
Brianna Heberle Пре месец
You know we have the power to end the human kind- if you think about it we can team up and not have kids and end human kind-
Neishka Aguila
Neishka Aguila Пре месец
Homework: Whatever it is that makes you feel like a goddess...do that. Me: Imma buy those heels nao ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
Ellie Пре месец
I really needed to hear this. Thank you so much Amber for reminding all of us ladies that we are so much more than society paints us to be. I AM A GODDESS!!!
faerievomit Пре месец
to me being woman means so much more than being something pretty to look at. Fuck that self objectification
Antónia Baki
Antónia Baki Пре месец
I love you Amber :-)
Banafsha Пре месец
I really love this video 🥺💗💗💗
**Rebel*. Пре месец
“Art is meant to be admired, admire it” holy shit ❤️❤️💖✨
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