To All My Haters...

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Amber Scholl

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like celebrities read mean tweets...but in the style of a RStoolss apology video and with more advice. lol.

HI ANGELS! Welcome back to the #GirlsGuideToLife​ - and today, I am spilling the tea on haters and how to deal with bullies. From rude internet comments to real high school drama, here is my story - and how I overcame it. The real, raw honest truth.
Remember, love always wins. And I love you.
Never forget that.
3,420,000 kisses!
Amber :)
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Hakeem Sd70M
Hakeem Sd70M Пре дан
Oh wow, how could anyone hate you, Amber? You even said yourself, "I'm super nice, I would never hurt a fly." I guess some people are intimidated by people who move the way you do. Keep doing your thing, Cinnabon ✌🏾
Alika Maisuradze
Alika Maisuradze Пре 2 дана
Em C
Em C Пре 3 дана
I don't think they hate you they hate the way you are maybe lol
Me Smith
Me Smith Пре 4 дана
I am one........................................
Just Vilstar
Just Vilstar Пре 6 дана
I Love You girL 😚 hugs and kisses from Philippines 🥰
widi Пре 10 дана
oh Amber i want to hug you right now, you are growing so much and you are so inspiring to me, love you
silk shakes
silk shakes Пре 14 дана
I hope you'll see this as feedback rather than anything 'negative'. Your joyous energy is infectious and you're so positive.. But, the reason I don't feel compelled to watch your videos is because everything feels so contrived and rehearsed. Like, the way you position your face to the camera isn't natural and it irks me, and it's clearly because it's a flattering camera angle. I know you're on a self-love journey and I truly hope you make it there - you'll learn to love yourself without abandon when you stop pursuing external things as a means to feel good about yourself - generally speaking: the way you look, what you have, wealth, fame etc. And instead, cultivate your worth from what comes from within - who you are rather than what you have, and discovering and pursuing your purpose. So when I hear the self-love quotes, then not seeing the congruence with your typical video.. the message doesn't hit, and everything feels 'off'. That said, once you arrive at that place, I really feel that your purpose is to help other women develop self love, too. Good luck.
MariamaMbye Пре 17 дана
Platinum XinYin Xian
Platinum XinYin Xian Пре 20 дана
What shock me the most is that Amber actually has haters. How did that happen? She is such a lovely person!
VDPDJPD D Пре 22 дана
Thank you 🙏🌹❤
Marie Lin
Marie Lin Пре 22 дана
My dear Amber, I'd love to give you a huuuge hug ❤️❤️❤️ This series is just great and with soooo much wisdom and love!!! I'm sure you have a lot of pretty young followers and your messages about (self)love a respect are so so important, especially when you are young and unsure of who and what you are. Doesn't mean that grannys (like me 😂😂) can't take something out of your videos. Quite the contrary! We're never to wise, to old.... to rethink things. To ask ourselves questions or change something in our minds and lives. Selflove is key! I definitely agree with you. If you can't love and respect yourself, how do you want to love others or be loved?? But selflove doesn't mean that you cant sometimes question yourself and be critical about something you do. I think the quote goes perfectly both ways: Always treat others like you want to be treated AND always treat yourself like you want others to treat you. Sorry for this long comment 😅 but this video and everything you said really got to me and I just wanted to give you a huge THANK YOU! Keep going your way, you're perfect as you are! Big hugs from Austria 🇦🇹👋👋👋
Petals S
Petals S Пре 25 дана
Who needs therapy when there’s Amber right here!
jasmine sierra
jasmine sierra Пре 26 дана
Amber I can honestly say that you really started helping me since I started watching your videos , it's literally so inspiring cause I'm about to turn 18 in a day& about to be kicked out of the house, but I'm happy cause its was something I had to went through to become who I am today. I'm in a really tough position now, still I'm not saying this to get attention or approve from others. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate you living on this earth & being alive ...i appreciate all your videos 💯ur so inspiring and amazing. I wish I had someone like you in my life.
Mackensey Allen
Mackensey Allen Пре 27 дана
I have recently had so much trouble with my own insecurities, and my best friend recamended this video for me and, thank you for what you do, just by watching the 18 minutes of this video youve completly changed my outlook on everything. Thank you
Lucy Buckle
Lucy Buckle Пре 27 дана
I think we are all crying with you each week too 🥰
Ghadeer Alkhunaizi
Ghadeer Alkhunaizi Пре 27 дана
When are you going to make a new video for your jewelry collection ✨💛
cookilovers1998 Пре 28 дана
Bro some people on youtube just put me through bullshit yesterday 🤦🏿‍♀️ I really don't see the point of haters like why are they even human they do stuff that's just so cruel, I never had the audacity in my life to hate on somebody I really never had because I found it so pointless, keep shining Amber you're so inspiring
barbie's world
barbie's world Пре 28 дана
"Hi everyone who hates me"👌LOL. Love this video❤
TheDelarougeDoll Пре 29 дана
I have never in my life commented on RStoolss but have watched it for years, I've watched you for a while now mostly cuz your entertaining and I stan a bougie bitch but didn't honestly think you had much value beyond that. Boy was I wrong. This video is truly amazing insightful and should be watched by everyone. You a more than designer goods and sparkles you have gained a true fan forsure now!
Lydia Lerato
Lydia Lerato Пре 29 дана
Haters are not so cool she is not a bad woman I love her .She is like me . It hard to forget bad things .I love her she Queen never give up girl 😘😀😊😀😊😘😀😊😘
Paint the Pictures ღ
Paint the Pictures ღ Пре месец
I literally love you though wth . Dont let the haters get to you girl
Xamirah Malik
Xamirah Malik Пре месец
Her eyes watering made my eyes start to water as well. She's such a kind person who has changed so many girls' lives by just existing and spreading her positive energy. She deserves nothing but the absolute best. Amber is amazing and the haters won't see that because her shiny jewellery is probably blinding them.
Chris Verhoeven
Chris Verhoeven Пре месец
I'm not sure why your videos keep recommending to me by RStoolss since I'm a guy. But thank you for this very empowering video, Amber. I love your energy and yes, not caring about others' opinions is what will help you grow as much as you want. Although it's not always that easy. Have a great Saturday.
Layla Fritz
Layla Fritz Пре месец
I love you so much! ❤️ You are amazing.🌟 Never stop being who you are. Don't let the haters get to you.(They obviously have personal issues, that's why they hate for no reason) You don't deserve that crap! 🤬 You are such a doll. 😊💜 You're so sweet, and funny, so pretty and nice. ✌️😉 Keep your head up pretty lady! I'm your biggest fan!! 🥰💜🦋
Christina Woosley
Christina Woosley Пре месец
How could anyone hate this beautiful person like wtf
somewhere_in_the_dark Пре месец
I love ur smile lmao-. The way you laugh just makes me laugh😂😂😂😂😂
shelb y
shelb y Пре месец
In 7th grade I wore flip flops and some stupid boy made fun of my toes , now I’m a nail tech with bomb ass toes 24-7
Jemma’s Daily life
Jemma’s Daily life Пре месец
You probably won’t see this but incase you do, i actually love you, your such an inspiring person! Anyone hating on you is only jealous because you’re beautiful, you succeeded and you live an amazing life some can only dream of! X
spider Пре месец
i’m sitting here balling my eyes out, thank you so much for saving me so many times
Jeannie Eakin
Jeannie Eakin Пре месец
Someone else’s opinion of you is none of your business.
Emilia Drengsgaard Vistrup
Emilia Drengsgaard Vistrup Пре месец
...Best video
Emilia Drengsgaard Vistrup
Emilia Drengsgaard Vistrup Пре месец
How can people hate amber?!
Shay Sanders
Shay Sanders Пре месец
like I'm jealous of amber but in a good way because she deserves every fucking thing she has
Nancy Tobar
Nancy Tobar Пре месец
Amber you are truly amazing and always cheer me up when I need a little pick me up...your charm and personality seem so genuine is hard to think people find ways to hate you...maybe it’s because you’re a ray of sunshine and all they have is darkness so they’re jealous. I personally find you inspirational ❤️
unknown source
unknown source Пре месец
Gotta thank your haters . Like what Cardi B did. Them hating on you, is them being jealous.. you are successful, beautiful, a role model to others, and you inspire others. Yes words hurt, but you gotta move on and not let them take you down. 💙 we love you Amber
Alpha Ragnarok
Alpha Ragnarok Пре месец
I swear amber is the sweetest person!
Dorothy lalnunfeli
Dorothy lalnunfeli Пре месец
Amberr...i love youu i loveeeyouuu ssooo soo much and .im glad i found your yt channel..😭😭💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛youre so inspiring
Julie Lafeuille
Julie Lafeuille Пре месец
I recognize myself a lot in you! Especially about “showing yourself right” - it’s something that I try to apply now, I try to stop the bully in my head saying “you can’t do that” by being like “OH YEAH I CAN’T ?!? Let me grab that and show you” but it’s all to myself 🥰
Flow Mow
Flow Mow Пре месец
Amber i saw a closet Which i ever wanted since i was a Kid, yesterday for 1300€ (live in germany) and i thought about, that this is such Great number of Money, i thought i could Never afford such an expensive closet. But your Videos Reminds me to fight for the Things i want and to Stick my goals Even higher
Top Selenator
Top Selenator Пре месец
Imagine hating Amber... fucking lame ✨✨✨
Ahri's Tail plug
Ahri's Tail plug Пре месец
I didn't know Ariana Grande had a side gig as a Vlog personality.......
my Orange Glasses
my Orange Glasses Пре месец
We love you 😘
Paula Hatch
Paula Hatch Пре месец
Mermaid Doll
Mermaid Doll Пре месец
I love you amber! I’ve always loved that positive energy that you always had. I don’t care what other people say about you. You are amazing 🥲 I’m glad I clicked on this video. I wish I could hug you but we’re social distancing 😂 keep doing the things that you’re doing now! Continue to be you! Love you boo ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Evelyn Alcaraz
Evelyn Alcaraz Пре месец
"If people make fun of you for it now, you can probably make money off it later." I'm crying. You have become my safe place and inspiration.
Bailey Mcgehee
Bailey Mcgehee Пре месец
You are amazing, I am grateful I have such a wonderful person to look up to
Sonja Stojanovic
Sonja Stojanovic Пре месец
Bless you Amber!
cici Kim
cici Kim Пре месец
The words you speak are so genuine and has this professional flair!. Write your own book please. 👍😍
Jennifer Lyle
Jennifer Lyle Пре месец
Bitch your beautiful! I love watching you and love the energy you give off! Seriously love how uplifting you are.
Mary Davis
Mary Davis Пре месец
I literally can not understand how someone can hate you?? Wtf
Jen A
Jen A Пре месец
I am a Christian. I only follow biblical principles, therefore, "the universe" is not valid, and I won't follow any "tests" from "the universe" aka random people.
Black Diamond
Black Diamond Пре месец
oh jeezus now i got homework for watching youtube? xd but seriously- thats homework i want to do :)
Peace out, Shadia!
Peace out, Shadia! Пре месец
Honestly, I think your randomness and personality is unique and refreshing.
Verity Dixon
Verity Dixon Пре месец
Girls who are jealous and hate are only deflecting or wish they were like the person they were hating on. I deleted Instagram because so many girls would hate on skinny women and girls who were generically beautiful and blame “society” for making “them” the beauty standard when the haters themselves are society and the ones creating that standard by seeing them as the ideal. Those “beautiful” people don’t put themselves on the pedestal, the people who see them as beautiful are the ones who create and place those people on said pedestal. I hate when immature girls are just spiteful towards other girls because they’re jealous, and end up calling skinny girls anorexic just because they themselves aren’t happy with their own weight. They could get up and change themselves or work on their self esteem, but no, they just hate and create toxicity and people like that are pitiful and disgusting. It’s sad. Get out of your damn pity party and pick yourself up. People can preach “body positivity” and love who they are, but if you’re doing that by hating skinny or fit women, then you’re not body positive, you’re just a terrible person trying to make yourself feel better by being a bully. Grow up, be better for yourself if you aren’t happy. Change if you want to if you can’t accept the you that exists now, you can eat healthier, dress what fits your body type, work out so you feel happier and healthier and more awake. Eating junk and sitting around all day literally affects your mental and physical health on levels you wouldn’t believe. Healthy doesn’t mean smaller portions or salads. Healthy is eating stuff your body is made for. You can have treats, but don’t engorge yourself on unhealthy crap only. Live your ideal life happy with yourself, don’t change if you’re happy with the current you and don’t need to hate on others to be happy with yourself. Change if YOU want to and you aren’t happy with the current you. It’s as simple as that. Do it for you. It’s ok to want to be fit and healthy and be the best you. You don’t have to be fit to be the best you either, just love yourself without having to hate someone who is YOUR ideal. Because WE are society, YOU, are society, make it better by being better. Because it won’t change if you don’t. Learn to be happy with yourself as you are, or be happy after changing FOR YOURSELF.
KittyLoveDump Пре месец
I ride with ya babes, keep doing your thing 😘🦁 shine like diamonds 💎
Haiden Montgomery
Haiden Montgomery Пре месец
You are awesome and amazing no one can change that
Sobreira-Martyn Design
Sobreira-Martyn Design Пре месец
Amber is breath of fresh air. Those who hate her are just jealous. She’s confident, independent and honest. More people like Amber would make this world a happier place. Love you Amber. Keep the love going. You make me smile and make my day.
Dark Sea Nymph
Dark Sea Nymph Пре месец
Thank you, Amber.❤I needed this.❤❤
BTS stan for life
BTS stan for life Пре месец
You are a real Queen 👸 thanks for making all the videos. God Bless You!!! Be happy always 🧚‍♀️✨✨✨
Wedda Lacay
Wedda Lacay Пре месец
This is your best video for me 🥺 Thank you for your strong words.
lindaluvvv320 Пре месец
✨✨✨✨I love these inspirational, empowering videos, your amazing !!!✨✨✨✨
Gaby Lee
Gaby Lee Пре месец
PS: I love you 😍😂 you're like my alter ego
Nadia Ayoob
Nadia Ayoob Пре месец
Who ever you are you are still pretty love you amber
Juanadomakeup Пре месец
Love this. Thank you for being you always 😭❤️❤️❤️
I am Treasured
I am Treasured Пре месец
❣️ Amber you are straight up a Boss! ❣️
Cefani Musk
Cefani Musk Пре месец
Thanks for being you, Amber. Loving the #GirlsGuideToLife!! You're a true inspiration to us all 😍
Mojo Пре месец
Amber Scholl I think that you are a sweetheart with a loving and beautiful soul. To me your outside matches your inside, just lovely. To thy own self be true. Sparkling
brenae walker
brenae walker Пре месец
No more haters
Corrina Пре месец
I love that you know what sign your Venus is in!! Mine's Sagittarius. But I don't really do romance, or relationships, friendships only! Self-partnered, woop!
nandini thakur S
nandini thakur S Пре месец
You are an angel on planet earth 🌏, most beautiful, intelligent, interesting 💖, vlogger. Love from India 🇮🇳 ♥
A Пре месец
want to remind you that you’re beautiful toooo! inside and out 🥰
A Пре месец
i bullied and called myself ugly so many times today and this video made me cry like thank you so much youre the best and the nicest ily omg
Faith Marie
Faith Marie Пре месец
This video is just ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Taraneh Aghili
Taraneh Aghili Пре месец
I wasn't sure at the beginning but after watching U more I really like U .There is a wonderful vibe of yours which is very true and comes from your ❤very kind heart. I don't understand mean and jealous people and why can they say unkind things that is totally inappropriate. U R beautiful and I love your confidence not everyone is brave like U talking so confident and dress like U with your gorgeous body .God bless
Parker D
Parker D Пре месец
1:17 this is the first time someone didn’t just bs ab the fact that words hurt, but you learn to overcome it, thank you!
Bindu Banjade
Bindu Banjade Пре месец
I love you girllllll!!!!!!!!!
Angie Fricia
Angie Fricia Пре месец
Love you so much Amber, you really inspire me to be a better more confident woman. Keep spreading the love
KA LAdy Пре месец
“Cant see the haters through Chanel” Roasted!!!!! 🎤 drop
Smokinggirl Clouds
Smokinggirl Clouds Пре месец
Dammmmmm word!!!! Amber ur right I will take ur advice I won’t let it affect me ! It hurts yes but it won’t affect I get made fun of for my fucked up teeth I had braces and I lost job and braces maxfe my teeth black n some fell off omg I been hiding for years now saving and I invested in stocks on cash app as soon as I get the &&moola I’m going to get veneers and I will RStoolss it lol I started filiming BUT EDITING IS A BITCH! I’m learning and I’m on RStoolss working and between u and Nai another RStoolss girl that I love BETWEEN BOTH OF YOU I FEEL YOUR MY GIRLFRIENDS IM SO TIRED OF NRGATIVE BITCHES ANDBI STAY AWAY IM KEEPING POSITIVE BABES LIKE U! Your my gf! Forget the toxic haters you help me a lot thank you! U made me start thinking bigger I made my storyboard! Xoxo love u and I love ur style I never thought I would try to fix my smile looking at your life it makes me believe and I feel I can do it ! I’m working on my channnel editing the fuck out of my lame videos lol magic skills needed lol
Smokinggirl Clouds
Smokinggirl Clouds Пре месец
Amber hun these idiots are jealous!!! If they actually took the time to post a nasty comment and spend their time on you!! Point is they DIDNT. Click off lol they would just change you tube Channel it’s very easy to do!! It’s more difficult to comment lmao!!! Watch hours counts if they hate or like u still getting that paper hun!!
Smokinggirl Clouds
Smokinggirl Clouds Пре месец
Omg I pressed enter and I couldn’t finish my comment
Natalie Marando
Natalie Marando Пре месец
You are so sweet, i'm crying...this is the real deep shit 😭💓
My cloud
My cloud Пре месец
im a cancer too :D
Aya elabboudi
Aya elabboudi Пре месец
I want your tumbler 🥺
Tahnz Space Official Channel
Tahnz Space Official Channel Пре месец
You are such a beautiful human being!! Inside and out!!! 🙏🙏❣️💕❣️
Lanzarote Photography
Lanzarote Photography Пре месец
My teacher in Photography school bullied me and told me I never would be a photographer and it was better for me to go study something else... So I did. 6-7 years later I picked a camera again and here I am, working for a magazine and doing families, fashion, food photography and many more photoshoots.
sofía degregorio
sofía degregorio Пре месец
amber: "my venus is in cancer" me: having sun, asc and venus in pisces
Chloe Saunders
Chloe Saunders Пре месец
oh my gosh she is so cute like i'm about half her age but i so want to be her best friend, love you amber; you've got me through this time x
Beauty Shaw
Beauty Shaw Пре месец
How to join you on zoom calls..??
Mandi Smit
Mandi Smit Пре месец
Needed this so much
Sanji San
Sanji San Пре месец
Being nice does indeed make a change in someone's life. I remember one time I had a presentation and I just didn't feel confident about the way I looked and a student whom I've never met before stopped and told me that I looked really pretty. Little does she know, she not only made my whole day but made me feel so much better about the way I look in general and her words changed the way I see and carry myself. From that day on, whenever I see someone who looks great or had nice shoes or a cool hat or a beautiful smile, I let them know because you never know how such simple words could change the way someone thinks about themselves. I really do enjoy this new series and it made me think profoundly of a lot of things. I've always loved you and loved watching your videos, but this series has been my favourite. Lots of love!
Heather P. Yasharahla
Heather P. Yasharahla Пре месец
Amber you're a beautiful soul. Those who say those things to you are not really about you but a reflection of how they think of themselves. Your light shines so bright that it'll attract the most ugliest people. Never let them dim your shine beautiful. You're a beautiful person and you're loved.
Alexandra Cummings
Alexandra Cummings Пре месец
I just love you.
Amy T
Amy T Пре месец
Girl you’re such an icon ❤️
Cheyenne Morales Rivera
Cheyenne Morales Rivera Пре месец
I love you... your soul, your personality, and your heart. Thank you for being genuine & making these videos for all of us... ❤
Travina Tolbert
Travina Tolbert Пре месец
You might not hate it .. you MIGHT be a fan 😮👀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤
Julissa DC
Julissa DC Пре месец
People grow up thinking others are asking their opinions, I dont care if you think I'm a sl*t, you are free to think that way but I didnt asked what you tink of me so why are you comming into my dms?
_April Marilyn
_April Marilyn Пре месец
Favorite video thus far ❤️
Alyse S
Alyse S Пре месец
my venus is also in cancer 🤍🕊 we are some cute babies
bitch bitch aw
bitch bitch aw Пре месец
i have venus in cancer too🥺❤
Kelsea Settles
Kelsea Settles Пре месец
People really disliked her video wowww
Kelsea Settles
Kelsea Settles Пре месец
They buggin
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