I Made Kylie Jenner’s Valentine’s Day Flowers (for myself)

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Amber Scholl

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Happy Valentine's Day angels!
Today I am showing you a quick easy DIY project on how to make your own celebrity inspired flower arch! Kylie Jenner got one from Travis Scott last year, so I thought I would show you a cheap version you can do yourself. Weddings, baby showers, birthdays, anniversary's, or just any reason to celebrate, floral arches are fabulous home decor!
Enjoy the project! Happy Valentine's Day - I love you!
3,410,000 kisses!
Amber :)
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floral bequests: amzn.to/3rLyYxL
foam rods: amzn.to/2Ngpxao
craft wire: amzn.to/3q9AXvm

Юлия Гурик
Юлия Гурик Пре 21 дан
You look so cute ❤️😍 and realistic emotions! I love it!😍
Carrie Bauman
Carrie Bauman Пре 22 дана
where was this when I got married 🥺 my arch looked good but not this good 😭
Sahib Jan Fatima
Sahib Jan Fatima Пре месец
Amber will have the best wedding but cheap
Londyn Chen
Londyn Chen Пре месец
I’ve literally decided that imma just stay single start a RStoolss channel and be fabulous for the rest of my life. I’m bouta live that Amber life style
Jayszwone - Topic
Jayszwone - Topic Пре месец
This is my husband's account btw but we're having a vow renewal and I lowkey want you to help me decorate! I'm trying to buy that flower arch you made from you girl I'm in la mesa🥰🥰
Holly Tang
Holly Tang Пре месец
Amber where do all your lovely projects go after you’re done?
Jennifer Пре месец
She's like the modern day Holly Golightly 😍
nybsbfan18 Пре месец
I like it, but it's missing something...
tiffany williams
tiffany williams Пре месец
Love u amber lol
Μαρινα Γυροπουλου
Μαρινα Γυροπουλου Пре месец
I love it
Michidmaa arikhad
Michidmaa arikhad Пре месец
Why your dog looks sad day by day ..
sam mo
sam mo Пре месец
Sneaker strings . Where u get em
Mary _
Mary _ Пре месец
Amber u should keep it there it suits ur apartment🥺❤and u did rlly GOOD! ❤
Misha Larue
Misha Larue Пре месец
Loved it girly 🥰
Thank You So Very Much
Thank You So Very Much Пре месец
You are very funny.. it is like you are preparing for your own future wedding.. 😂😂😂..
shortpatty717 Пре месец
How many bouquets did u use and how many of the foam things?
Esmeralda Weatherwax
Esmeralda Weatherwax Пре месец
I love you very much Amber, so I'll say that I feel that this was very lazy and low effort.
Trini Gyal
Trini Gyal Пре месец
Talented when.
Beenie Пре месец
How many bouquets did you get and do you have a rough estimate on how much just the flower cost was ?
Veronica Andrea
Veronica Andrea Пре месец
Omg!! Love this!! 💗💕💗💕
CazMakeup B
CazMakeup B Пре месец
Amber pls decorate my wedding if I get married omg
kjjk25 Пре месец
but like what do you do with the arch after the 14th lol
Kristina Kruchko
Kristina Kruchko Пре месец
Amber can u do what u eat in day video thanks
Taylor Nichols
Taylor Nichols Пре месец
So like can I hire you to be my wedding decorator? (Maybe in a few years, ya girl out here struggling) lol
Amy Willz
Amy Willz Пре месец
The bloopers at the end, so funny! Should definitely keep doing it xox
Naleen Szn
Naleen Szn Пре месец
Please keep it forever I literally love this creation of yours it’s so aesthetic
Kailyn Cooper
Kailyn Cooper Пре месец
AMBER.... I had no clue that you were in the show new girl !!!
KSum Пре месец
So, are you going to show up how you DIY'd those Converse?!??????!
Katlyn Moralis
Katlyn Moralis Пре месец
You’re like a million times prettier than Kylie tho 😍🥰
Jeamie Smith
Jeamie Smith Пре месец
Are you and cobly still together
Александър Балтов
Александър Балтов Пре месец
2:00 What's that song?
Heba Said
Heba Said Пре месец
Could you made translate in arabic pleasa💙
It's Keshi
It's Keshi Пре месец
indeed you said it right Amber..being a youtuber is lots of fun
amy eo
amy eo Пре месец
It looks amazing
Lourdes Gianina
Lourdes Gianina Пре месец
I love the idea, definitely will make it when I have my own house, it´d look amazing with a couch in the middle just to rest below the flowers, so amazing
Margarita Spatola
Margarita Spatola Пре месец
But you never said how many bouquets you would need . How will people do this diy if your not giving this info
Ku Bunu
Ku Bunu Пре месец
Wow sneakers. I want to steal it. Hahahahaha
Alyza Tollefson
Alyza Tollefson Пре месец
What camera do you use??
Daisy Contreras
Daisy Contreras Пре месец
Why dose ur dog look like he hates you💀
Fren Пре месец
The little photo shoot of George has me screaming 😂😭♥️
Enigma 57
Enigma 57 Пре месец
Sick of Kylie comparisons. Sister...that girl don't hold half a candle to you!!! Kylies flowers look fake....ill bet she didn't even create hers..I do floral arranging myself.
Emily Cole
Emily Cole Пре месец
This makes me want to do this for like a fairy theme corner in my room with a bunch of antiques and plants
Click Bait
Click Bait Пре месец
Ghazal Sh
Ghazal Sh Пре месец
I loooove you from iran! Kiss kiss
the Extra life WITH ETHAN
the Extra life WITH ETHAN Пре месец
Very much here for this omg I love you amber so much 🤍
nel Пре месец
how do you say you don’t bother to get dressed up your outfit is amazing
Deme W.
Deme W. Пре месец
When the clip went from you holding your dog to waving your hands after, it literally looked like you quickly threw your dog.😂
Lucy Beach
Lucy Beach Пре месец
Amber is so pretty I have watched her since forever ❤️
Kayla Ball
Kayla Ball Пре месец
We need a video for those shoes!
Banu Wdnr
Banu Wdnr Пре месец
Priscilla Marquez
Priscilla Marquez Пре месец
George doesn’t know how stylish and aesthetic his mom is 😭😭 HE IS SO AESTHETIC TOO AND HE’S A PUP LOL 😂
Grateful Chick
Grateful Chick Пре месец
Such a perfect match. Pup & mom.
Rakhi Sharma
Rakhi Sharma Пре месец
Yeahhhh looking so fabulous 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘💋💋💋💋I love you❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
iconenthusiast Пре месец
Instead of using craft wire to attach the foam, you could use pool poodles so you can thread them onto the frame as you build it 💕
Flawless Jax
Flawless Jax Пре месец
Amber saying she made her shoes... me thinking I didn’t see that DIY :(
Grateful Chick
Grateful Chick Пре месец
She did one a long time ago that is similar called "DIY Blinged Out Sneakers" if you google her name and that title it might help.
Rafiq and Debs
Rafiq and Debs Пре месец
George looked sooo miserable 😂 and that ending had me weaakkkkk
FallenTime Me
FallenTime Me Пре месец
(on valentine day) me: i'm so lonely~~ why?! also me : (After watching this video ) I don't need a lover.. I can love myself...
I mean no want to hear it in Spanish NO!
I mean no want to hear it in Spanish NO! Пре месец
Hiiii amber i love your videos and I just hope you have an awesome valentines day and please wish me luck because I asked a boy to be my valentine but love you
Miss Thunder
Miss Thunder Пре месец
I miss the storytime animation 😍😭😭😭
Grateful Chick
Grateful Chick Пре месец
She said more are coming eventually in the new year so hopefully soonish:)
Zoria Jones
Zoria Jones Пре месец
You definitely out did yourself
Grateful Chick
Grateful Chick Пре месец
It came out so pretty! I want one!
chandlerriggsfans Пре месец
Your telling me that colby is friends with someone as annyoing as you 🤣😂
maggie mojica
maggie mojica Пре месец
Happy Valentines 💝 your precious dog is so adorable
Alejandra María Mora- YouTuber
Alejandra María Mora- YouTuber Пре месец
I love how you decorated 💞
TheOfficialSlimReaper Пре месец
I know you’re not an ASMR channel but I literally watch your videos bc your voice is so relaxing 😌
Annelise Bermea
Annelise Bermea Пре месец
no offense but the dog rlly said 👁👄👁
Cassie Alcindor
Cassie Alcindor Пре месец
i love Amber ...like her energy is always so positive and i feel like she's that friend that everyone should have lol
Grateful Chick
Grateful Chick Пре месец
I agree 100%
Diane 1111
Diane 1111 Пре месец
Doggie pics so cute!!
kurlene la chappelle
kurlene la chappelle Пре месец
I wish this type of self love on every female reading this
Quinn Royaltii
Quinn Royaltii Пре месец
The only thing keeping me alive is the fact that I aspire to be as happy and gorgeous as this woman.
Emana Becirevic
Emana Becirevic Пре месец
This is the first time I heard Georgie bark lmao.He is always so quiet
Grateful Chick
Grateful Chick Пре месец
He has actually barked in quite a few videos, but definitely living in an apartment/condo you don't want your dog to bark too much to be a good neighbor!
Joyce Aparecida
Joyce Aparecida Пре месец
😭😭 eu quero legenda em português 😭😭🥰
LittleMissHailey Пре месец
Okay this is fire thooooo
Fabiana Marquez
Fabiana Marquez Пре месец
Amber can you please do a video of how to be more feminine
Grateful Chick
Grateful Chick Пре месец
She posted a video today about feminine energy!
Erin Rehn
Erin Rehn Пре месец
Amber! make a ball gown out of oversized sweatshirts!
Auδi Stγle
Auδi Stγle Пре месец
Amber, you should make a YT video line about self confidence, self love, etc. I recently found your channel and you already are my role model. * Insert doctor strange here * TEACH ME
Andreea Bilciu
Andreea Bilciu Пре месец
where is the dress from ?😱❤❤
Anna R.
Anna R. Пре месец
It is far better to be alone than to be in bad company :P !
Grateful Chick
Grateful Chick Пре месец
Amanda De Jesus
Amanda De Jesus Пре месец
Love da shoes!!! I'ma go make them now!
Grateful Chick
Grateful Chick Пре месец
I need to make some too!
Tanika de Koning
Tanika de Koning Пре месец
My father wants be your valentine. I love your video looks beautiful
Towfiq Himel
Towfiq Himel Пре месец
self love is the best love..if u dnt have someone then love yourself & pamper yourself❤️
TrotterPxtters• Пре месец
This is legit like a birthday present because my birthday is on Valentines Day
Grateful Chick
Grateful Chick Пре месец
Happy Birthday!!
Angela Sanchez
Angela Sanchez Пре месец
Amber please please for the love of god.... diy that feather robe everyone has been buying from amazon. The robes are like $119 bucks and I think that it would be the ULTIMATE STEAL OF A LIFETIME if you were to make it!!!
Grateful Chick
Grateful Chick Пре месец
She made one a long time ago. Google her name and "DIY Sugar Daddy Robe". Not sure it is exactly what you are looking for, but hopefully will help.
Simplyy Nee
Simplyy Nee Пре месец
It’s the dog for me.😂
Grateful Chick
Grateful Chick Пре месец
So cute! For me too!
Simplyy Nee
Simplyy Nee Пре месец
And she does it AGAIN! So inspiring. I love how you show us to do it yourself and anything you want you can have...... just create it!❤️
Fun 'N' Laughter
Fun 'N' Laughter Пре месец
Fun 'N' Laughter
Fun 'N' Laughter Пре месец
Lennea Beauty
Lennea Beauty Пре месец
Rei Пре месец
Can you please make a video on how to take pictures?? Idk how to take one...it always looks like trash😭😭
Grateful Chick
Grateful Chick Пре месец
She has done quite a few. Google her name with the words "how to take pictures" and a few will come up. Hope that helps.
Tabitha Singsit
Tabitha Singsit Пре месец
Cupid before valentines be like: Lol Love you amber
Kassy Santiago
Kassy Santiago Пре месец
Where did you get your mirror? I’m looking for one just like that’
Albert v
Albert v Пре месец
The last picture of George on the Valentine’s Day card 😍❤️
Grateful Chick
Grateful Chick Пре месец
Would be perfect!
Kimberly Nanci
Kimberly Nanci Пре месец
💖💜💖💜💖💜💜💖💜💖”how do I don’t have a boyfriend yet ?” That killed me xd 🤣 love it
Vimlee O
Vimlee O Пре месец
We love our unproblematic kween
Lulu stanley
Lulu stanley Пре месец
I love ur makeup this way ❤️
rmyc Пре месец
Can i take selfies there...
Tisha박 Пре месец
I swear everytime i watch her videos i get so jealous-
Regina Marie Garcia
Regina Marie Garcia Пре месец
Love you ❤😘
Dian Elmaya
Dian Elmaya Пре месец
Loves it
Hazel Hoffman
Hazel Hoffman Пре месец
That turned out beautifully
Valeria. Пре месец
I wonder what she does with all her crafts
rosa selena flores
rosa selena flores Пре месец
Where you buy those red roses
Grateful Chick
Grateful Chick Пре месец
She showed the store in the video I think
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